Have a read of the quotes below from previous and current clients I have had one to one sessions with to help work through their problem(s)/negative behaviours:

“Hello Gary, thank you so much for the help you have given me with my panic attacks and anxiety. I had been suffering for a very long time with these terrible feelings but I can say with all honesty that I am feeling so much better. The doctor wanted me to take tablets to help me through a particular low point but with your help I haven’t needed to take them. Your support and knowing that you are at the end of the phone has been invaluable. Once again thank you so much.”
Ann, Bedfordshire

“Thanks to Gary’s hypnosis sessions I have more confidence in myself and in interviews. He was very professional and made me feel totally at ease during the sessions. I have 100% confidence in his results.”
Edward, Cambridge

“I went to see Gary for some hypnosis sessions due to having bad nerves and feeling low about things in life. I’m glad I did because he has really helped me out a lot and I’m feeling so much better in myself from seeing him. I would recommend him highly.”
Scott, Biggleswade

“For years I have been struggling to overcome my OCD. I was starting to think I would never be able to control it and was finding it was really starting to effect my life and those around me. After visiting Gary for just one session I have noticed a dramatic improvement in how I feel. I have practised some of the patterns he did with me and found they have really helped me fight the urges of my OCD. I believe that with more sessions and work with Gary I will be able to relieve the anxiety I have been living with for a long time now.”
Client asked to remain anonymous

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