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Thank you for visiting Gary Colfer Hypnosis. Please do read below to have a better understanding of my background and how I can help you make important changes to your life using Hypnosis and NLP.

I have always been fascinated in how the human mind works. I first became interested in hypnosis in 2002 after being introduced to a very talented hypnotist/hypnotherapist. This inspired me to learn more.

I went on to take my first course in Hypnosis. This is where I learnt in depth about the art form and understood the meaning behind using hypnosis patterns. It also enabled me to gain the skills required to apply these techniques to a client.

After completing the course, the next step was for me to study what I had been taught and begin to put my skills into practise. I then furthered my career by taking a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming and therapy change work, which included timeline therapy and IEMT. This gave me the professional knowledge I needed to work with clients and help give them the choice for a better future.

I also study Impromptu and eyes open hypnosis which involves letting clients experience hypnosis at any given time i.e. At home, at a party, in the street or at a social gathering.


  • Professional Hypnotist
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Trained Integral Eye Movement Technique (IEMT) Practitioner

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